Our veterinary hospital works on an appointment system, which we believe helps the busy day run a little smoother. Consultations are scheduled every day including Friday. 7 days a week.

Our experienced Clinicians all come from top quality European Universities and most are Members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

All medical problems can be dealt with onsite at our facility because we have In- house laboratory equipment which allows us to get the results of biochemical and haematological investigations within 15 minutes of sampling the patient’s blood, a digital Xray  Imaging suite including Ultrasound facility and dental digital Xrays, and a dedicated operating theatre should surgery be necessary.

If your precious pet has to be admitted for hospital care, we have two hospital wards where long stay or critical patients are housed in comfortable easy to clean stainless steel and tiled cages, and both Nurses and Vets live nearby to enable close supervision of hospital cases.


Surgical procedures are performed every day of the week in our dedicated operating theatre. UK standard operating protocols are followed with regard to sterility, monitoring and procedures.

We have separate pre operative rooms equipped with gaseous anaesthesia and multiparameter monitors to ensure the safety of your animals during anaesthesia and to allow preparation for operations in a clean and safe area before going into the sterile operating room for their surgical procedures.

Your animal’s ECG, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate and Oxygen Status is measured by special monitors, at all times whilst under general anaesthesia. A qualified Veterinary nurse/technician remains with your pet throughout its procedure and until it is fully awake and recovered.

Veterinarians at Dr Nonie Coutts Veterinary surgery can perform the majority of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries presented to them, from speys and neuters to more complex procedures like emergency Gastric rotation/volvulus, gastrointestinal blockages, foreign bodies, urinary tract emergencies and all types of broken bones, bone grafting and joint surgeries.

We have Air driven Orthopaedic equipment, plating, extra skeletal fixation, bone pinning, TTA equipment for cruciate repair, suction, endoscopy and cautery.

We also perform Ophthalmic surgeries and Ear procedures.

We can't stress enough, the importance of a pre-surgical test


The laboratory is equipped with automated haematology and Biochemistry machines to allow fast and convenient investigations into the health of your pet….results are available in 10 to 20 minutes and any emergencies can quickly be identified and addressed. We also routinely use a local Human Diagnostic Laboratory for culture and sensitivity of bacterial samples, and have access to UK Specialist Laboratories for Rabies blood testing for Export or for other more specialized procedures involving diagnosis of cell/tissue samples.

Radiology and Ultrasound

Our Digital Xray equipment allows fast accurate imaging to aid diagnosis of many internal problems and we can easily send the digital images overseas for second opinions from Specialists if necessary.

Ultrasound contributes immeasurably in some cases and Dr Jennie ably leads our practice in that field.

We also have dental digital radiography which has vastly improved our ability to see the very frequent hidden pathology in our pet’s mouths. Often the visible teeth look fine but the roots of those teeth are actually causing considerable discomfort through disease or decay.


We have a grooming suite where cats and dogs are bathed, brushed and clipped with our two pet groomers. You can ask for just a simple bath and pedicure or a more complex cut for your pet and if your pet is very nervous we can medicate so that the pet is not stressed by the noise of clippers or blow dryers. The animals are monitored at all times by two people.


We offer a special service to allow you to find out what breeds make up your dog or cat, or to check that your pure bred is actually genetically pure. We can also get expert information on whether your pet has inherited any of the genetic defects which may be common in the breed.

Here is a link to an interesting video on inheritance of appearance, coat colour, coat length etc in dogs.



Dr Nonie Coutts has invested in state of the art IM3 dental Xray equipment and dental machines, allowing our Vets to carefully and expertly clean teeth.

Dr Nonie Coutts has invested in state of the art IM3 dental Xray equipment and dental machines, allowing our Vets to carefully and expertly clean teeth with ultrasonic scalers or remove rotten or damaged teeth with specialized drills and burrs. The Vets all regularly attend Continuing Professional Development seminars to keep updated in Dental Procedures by International Experts.