Just as you should not go years without having your teeth cleaned and checked by a dentist, you should not neglect your pet’s dental health either! Many pet owners don’t realize that dental and oral health is important to their pet’s overall physical health. Regular dental care can add years to your pet’s life.


Periodontal disease can lead to life-threatening problems for your pet such as heart, liver, lung and kidney infections. By ensuring that your dog or cat receives proper dental care, you can reduce the risk of your pet developing periodontal disease.

Here at Dr. Nonie Coutts Surgery our Veterinarians offer first-rate dental care. We offer free dental checks at our Manama clinic, and encourage clients to make use of these not only to assess the current dental hygiene score of their pet but also to discuss preventative dental care and treatments. Please telephone for an appointment with one of our qualified nurses to arrange the free check up.


When professional cleaning and treatment is required, we use the safest anesthesia available with advanced monitoring techniques, IV catheters, dental X-rays, ultrasonic scaling, high and low speed burrs, suction, high speed polishing, antibiotics and pain medication when needed to ensure your pet’s comfort.

Useful Videos

Periodontal Disease, from Dr. Brook Niemiec, DVM (Some images in this video might be considered graphic)

Stomatitis, an oral disease commonly seen in cats (Some images in this video might be considered graphic)

Real Client Communication “Our Patients Don’t Show Pain” from Dr. Brett Beckmann