About Us

Dr. Nonie Coutts Veterinary Surgery was established in 1981. We are a full-service animal hospital staffed with compassionate veterinarians, nurses and animal care assistants who provide the most complete diagnostic, surgical and wellness care available in Bahrain. Our European qualified Veterinarians are supported by a team of fully qualified Veterinary nurses and experienced animal health assistants who work to the highest standards of veterinary care. We are all pet owners ourselves and are seriously committed to helping your pets live long and healthy lives.

From puppy and kitten wellness checkups through compassionate adult and geriatric pet exams, we provide excellent veterinary care for every stage of life. Vaccinations are an important aspect of keeping your pet healthy, and we follow an effective vaccination protocol recommended by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. We also provide thorough dental care, complete surgical services, microchipping for your pet’s permanent ID, fast and accurate In Hospital diagnostics, and much more.

Our experienced team of Veterinary nurses will give you important home healthcare and nutritional advice as well as new information and recommendations for the care of your particular type and breed of pet. They are always happy to help with advice from how to pill your cat to how to house train your puppy. Our clients will also see how our fully equipped lab and pharmacy complement our wellness care services and are a convenient and cost-effective service for you and your pet.

We also understand that accidents and illness will happen even to the healthiest of pets at any time, day or night. This is where Dr Nonie Coutts Veterinary Hospital excels. The dedication, skill and expertise of our doctors is enhanced by modern diagnostic imaging equipment, in-house medical testing capabilities, a complete surgical suite, and a wide range of internal medicine expertise and resources to allow us to respond immediately to emergency situations. We always have a Vet and Nurse available until 11pm to help with emergencies or advise a worried client.

Our Vets

Dr. Nonie Coutts

Dr. Nonie Coutts BVSc(Syd) MRCVS has lived in Bahrain for more than 50 years. After completing her secondary education in the UK and Australia, she completed her Veterinary degree at Sydney University In Australia. Dr Coutts fulfilled her dream to set up a high quality Veterinary facility in Bahrain in 1981. The Veterinary surgery has gone from strength to strength over the past 38 or so years (by 2018 the Practice reached 40,000 animals registered) and now has two branches and a number of full time European qualified veterinary surgeons working to bring quality medicine and surgery to the animals of Bahrain.

Dr. Nonie’s main areas of interest are soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.

She is married and has a son and daughter, and 4 dogs, a cat, a horse and a parrot.

Dr. Laure Vuillermoz

Dr Laure graduated from the University of Lyon (France) in 2001. She specialised in Psychobiology and Psychopathology of Domestic Carnivores. She then worked overseas for a few years getting experience in Tropical and Insular Medicine in the Caribbean, islands around the Indian Ocean and a few Pacific Islands.

She came back to France in the last year (2016) to join a veterinary emergency service and call center in Paris, as veterinarian team manager, medical technical support and trainer. During those years, she completed a Clinical Endocrinology qualification, and started an Opthalmology specialization course.

Most recently, in 2017, she was in Cambodia working for a practice involved in management of post traumatic care of dogs saved from slaughtering houses!

Dr. Julia Inman

Dr Julia qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 2010, having studied at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Since then she has worked in a variety of clinics in Ireland, honing her skills particularly in orthopaedics.

She came to Bahrain in 2017 with her husband Colin. In her free time, Julia has a keen interest in weight lifting and competes in fitness competitions at a national level. She also enjoys motorcycling and surfing and has completed several marathons for charity!

Our Nurses

Charlie Wijnbergen

Charlie completed a degree in social science and speech therapy in the Netherlands. But, instead of choosing a career in these fields she starting teaching horse riding to people with disabilities.

She intended to travel in Australia for 6 months but ended up working and traveling Australia and New Zealand for 3.5 years! After doing a lot of farming and working with animals Charlie decided a career with animals was for her and completed a degree in veterinary nursing.

Charlie’s big passion lies with horses, but she loves all animals! Growing up she had a menagerie of pets, including horses, goats, chickens, quail, cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. In fact, there are few species that she has not had experience with! Now she shares her flat with a cat that she calls Poes

Kate Jefferies

Kate Jefferies is an RCVS qualified nurse who graduated from the Nottingham Trent University in 2011 with a foundation degree in veterinary nursing. Previously Kate has worked in small animal practices and has recently joined the team from a busy hospital in East London. Here she enjoyed specializing in surgery, particularly orthopaedics and being part of a team. As part of ongoing studies Kate is currently completing a Nursing Certificate in Anaesthesia.

Kate has one pet at home in England, a rabbit called Mo, who is 5.5years old and will be anyone’s friend who has some nuggets. In her spare time Kate enjoys playing sports such as squash and hockey and occasionally doing some aritistic sketches.

Laura Miskell

Laura is from Ireland, and joined the Nonie Coutts Team in May 2017, after spending 2 years in Toronto, Canada, where she worked as a Veterinary Technician. An appetite for exploration brought her to Bahrain, but a passion for animals brought her to Nonie Coutts Veterinary Surgery.

Laura’s whole family are avid animal lovers and she has grown up surrounded by an eclectic assortment of pets, from dogs and cats to hamsters and snakes. It was with great sadness that Laura left behind her canine life partner Belle, a 1 year old Cocker Spaniel, who she video calls at home in Galway on a regular basis.

Her hunger for learning drove her through 6 years of education in the science and veterinary medicine field, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Applied Bioscience and a Master of Science by research. Laura’s second love is being creative in any form and doing anything that keeps her from having idle hands.

Rajeevan (Raju)

Raju is a member of our nursing team and has been working with Dr. Nonie Coutts for 21 years. He has vast experience in the nursing field, and while he excels in all areas, his specialty lies in phlebotomy. In addition to his nursing expertise, Raju is also an experienced groomer.

Raju moved to Bahrain in 1994 and is originally from Kerala. He lives in Bahrain with his wife and daughter. Outside of the clinic he actively pursues Meditation, Yoga and Reiki practices, which help him to remain calm under the high pressure of our busy clinics.


Ratheesh is a member of our Saar clinic team and has been working with Dr. Nonie Coutts for 17 years. He has a lot of experience with assisting nurses and in addition to this role, Ratheesh also is responsible for the maintenance of the Saar clinic as well as working on reception. He lives in Bahrain with his wife and daughter and in his free time enjoys going to the gym.

Lisa White

With a prior qualification in Applied Biology and a career in office management behind her, Lisa changed her focus in 2010 and enrolled as a student veterinary nurse. She graduated in 2013 and was awarded a BSc in Veterinary Nursing with distinction from Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland, was voted IVNA Student Veterinary Nurse of the Year and won the Merial Veterinary Nursing Graduate Award for 2013. Her name was added to the list of Registered Veterinary Nurses, held by the Veterinary Council of Ireland, in November of that year.

With family already in Bahrain, Lisa came to us to broaden her nursing experience. She loves the challenge of never knowing what will come through our doors next! Her particular interests are companion animal nutrition and laboratory work and she is currently studying for a certificate in Emergency and Critical Care Nursing.

Having had childhood pets of dogs, budgerigars and rabbits, Lisa now has two cats, Holly and Suzy, and has adopted our clinic cat, Cally. Though she loves dealing with all animals, Lisa is feline focused and her goal is to complete a Diploma in Feline Nursing within the next 5 years.


Shera Ram

Shera has been living in Bahrain for 13 years and has worked at the clinic for 11 of those years. He is married and has 3 beautiful children who are based back home in India. During his time at the clinic he has gained vast experience in animal handling and has been trained as a groomer. Shera is now the head groomer at the clinic, has a lovely way with animals and can produce some very fancy haircuts!


Somor has been working at the clinic since 1999, and originally hails from Bangladesh where his wife and children are still based. He is in charge of the hygiene and maintenance of our cattery and kennel facilities, as well as assisting with the Royal Canin stock taking. Somar also has many years of animal handling experience within the clinic and will often help in grooming and consultations when needed.


Luz moved to Bahrain from the Philippines and has worked at the clinic now for 2 years but has been living in Bahrain for a total of 4 years with her husband. She is responsible for the daily cleaning of the main clinic and ensuring that the hygiene supplies and bedding materials are well stocked. She will also lend a hand in grooming as she is very good at handling animals when needed. Luz always makes a great cup of tea, be sure to ask for one the next time you are at our Manama clinic!


Jocelyn Rodrigues

Jocelyn is our Office Manager and handles all administrative duties, takes care of financial matters , interacts with suppliers and schedules appointments and surgeries. Her knowledge of the workings of the Hospital is vast!

She has been employed at Dr. Nonie Coutts Clinic since September 2007. Since then, her love and knowledge of animals has increased tremendously. She loves talking to clients and meeting their pets and is well able to advise on general pet healthcare and timetables for general procedures such as vaccinations and desexing.

Jocelyn was born and brought up in Bahrain but is originally from the beautiful sub-continent of India. When not at work she can be found at home snuggling with her very own furry feline, Fattie, enjoying listening to music, or watching her favorite TV series. Jocelyn would some day love to travel the world, but we all hope not too soon!

Editha Del Pilar Ibarrientos

Editha is from the Philippines, but has been working in Bahrain for many years managing a small supermarket. She has a good family base here with all of her children are living and working in Bahrain and has recently become a grandmother again! She only recently joined our staff in 2015 and is working at the Reception desk but is also responsible for our Royal Canin Pet food stock control and accounts.

Krizhel Mae Aldana

Krizhel Mae Aldana is from the Philippines, she graduated in 2015 with a BS in Psychology. She has been into the customer service industry since she was 16 years old, as a working student. She has broadened her knowledge in Sales Support & Admin working at Optus & Telstra Australia, based in the Philippines.

She has been in Bahrain for almost 3 years now, and joined Dr Nonie Coutts Veterinary Surgery back in 2016.

She grew up in a small province of Cavite where her family used to have a big farm with hogs, chickens, roosters, goats, ducks, cats and “Browny” the dog! It’s a simple yet a happy life with her grandmother.

In her free time, she loves playing piano and guitar. Her Fridays off are well spent – in doing church activities and duties. She is also into fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian. She has a grumpy little cat named Coli.